Energy Performance Contracting

Energy Performance Contracting
Guaranteed energy cost savings of at least 10% without any capital outlay

We can provide energy upgrades under an innovative guaranteed savings contract and help you to lower your CO2 emissions, unlock financial savings and modernise your energy infrastructure, all without the need for any capital outlay.

Energy saving solutions no longer need to be daunting or out of budget.  From a single building to multi-site locations with mixed use facilities, we combine our expert knowledge with specialist analytical tools to de-mystify, recommend and implement energy and cost saving measures to help our customers lower utility spend and operating costs and we guarantee savings of at least 10%.

The easy way to save money and carbon

An energy performance contract is an innovative and risk free way to comply with carbon reduction legislation, save money and improve occupant comfort levels.  Without having to allocate any budget it frees up money for other projects whilst giving you control over your energy consumption and protection against rising energy prices.

Our guarantee to you

All of these benefits are achievable without any initial financial investment and our exclusive performance guarantee is insurance backed so that in the unlikely event that savings do not reach expected targets, we top up the difference and you still receive a minimum 10% saving, with the opportunity to achieve further savings where our systems and energy retrofits out-perform our savings target.

Achieve total building control

We’ve invested in advanced web based energy monitoring software and technology that integrates seamlessly with existing building control systems to provide round the clock real-time building control according to occupancy and climate needs thereby reducing energy wastage, fuel costs and ultimately generating financial savings.

Our retrofit measures make your building energy efficient and reduce your carbon footprint

Our retrofits are meticulously implemented without detriment to productivity or comfort and are targeted at the key energy efficiency opportunities within your building that hold the greatest energy savings impact.

Improvements can include:

  • Upgrades to LED low energy lighting
  • Replacement of outdated HVAC equipment
  • Utilities auditing & equipment control
  • Monitoring, metering & regulating climate & lighting controls
  • Installation of lighting & voltage optimisation
  • Overhaul of existing equipment to optimise performance
  • Renewable energy solutions such as Solar PV

Our retrofit measures can improve inefficient buildings and raise energy certificate ratings to a credible C and above whilst simultaneously  improving occupant comfort levels and boosting productivity.

The process for contracting your property

We have an easy process to activate and validate energy savings for you;

We audit your building, analyse historic utility spend and identify your building’s characteristics and usage trends using a formal M&V (monitoring and verification) systematic approach.  We then design and construct a project specification of energy retrofit solutions suited to the needs of your building.  Our expert engineers install our control monitoring system and energy retrofits without detriment to productivity or building and we remotely monitor your building ensuring energy optimisation providing on-going verified savings as we fine-tuning the system over time to maximise your energy savings and CO2 reduction.

Our clients

We work with private and public sector organisations of all sizes, who trust in us to help them achieve energy saving goals and optimum building performance without the need to raise funding.  For guaranteed savings without cost or risk, it’s easy to see why our client’s choose us. Read about the Energy Performance Contracting benefits

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